• Seek, Believe, Achieve!

    Our vision is to be a happy, vibrant and caring school with deep roots in the Christian faith, so all grow and flourish (spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally).

    ‘May our roots go down deep into the soil of God’s  love and make us strong’ Ephesians 3 v 17  

    At Speen School, we aim to develop an outstanding curriculum within our beautiful site and village locality. Our child-centred approach to learning is built to achieve purposeful and enriching key learning outcomes. These outcomes provide each child with an exciting focus to their learning, developing skills that are necessary for today’s world and instilling a  lifelong love of learning as they progress their educational journey. 


    It is our intent for our curriculum to facilitate discovery, harnessing children’s natural curiosity in learning. Our curriculum offers pupils exciting and engaging learning experiences, which are designed to:

    ·       Encourage pupils to eagerly seek knowledge about the amazing world around them.

    ·       Help pupils to enjoy and take pride in developing skills which enable them to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable.

    ·       Develop pupils’ powers of observation, discussion, reasoning and communication, especially the ability to use language and number.

    ·       Stimulate pupils’ appreciation of the scale and scope of human achievement, past and present, and to encourage them to seek, believe and achieve in the development of their own creative talents and skills.

    ·       Foster personal growth in our school’s values of respect, honesty, courage, compassion, responsibility and family, to equip pupils to live lives as confident and competent individuals, able to make informed and reasoned choices for themselves, whilst having a high regard to the needs of others.

    Please see our Curriculum Statement and our draft Curriculum Overview for further details


    Curriculum Overviews for Parents

    Summer 2022 Bramley Class (Y1 &2)
    Summer Term 2022 Year R information for parents

    Spring term 2022 Bramley Class (Y1 & 2) 
    Spring Term 2022 Year R Information for parents

    Autumn term 2021 Bramley class (Y1 & 2)  
    Autumn Term 2021 information for parents


    Children rapidly begin to read and write in our Foundation Stage by following a programme called ‘Read Write Inc.’ which develops phonic reading and writing skills through Year 1 and Year 2 until the end of KS1. The English programme of study is used to complement the teaching of other subjects but its fundamental aim is to raise pupil attainment in spoken language, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

    Please see curriculum documents for Reading Progression       and    Writing Progression


    Our Maths curriculum is taught as a discrete subject and our Maths Mastery scheme – Power Maths alongside White Rose planning – plots the needs of each child clearly as they build the skills to achieve mastery of different concepts.  In addition, teachers plan opportunities, which will develop pupil’s greater understanding of the subject across the curriculum. 


    Please click on the other areas of the curriculum to find out more about their intent, implementation and impact:

    SCIENCE             ART            MUSIC

    COMPUTING  &  KS1 Overview


    DT           HISTORY           GEOGRAPHY          PE     

    For our mixed aged classes, we follow a two-year rolling programme of study which ensures coverage and progression through the National Curriculum subjects, enabling pupils to make progress and attain levels in line with or better than, national attainment.


    RE      Progression of Skills
    At Speen, an afternoon a week is given to RE, where pupils work together on a wide variety of fun, engaging activities. Pupils often say it’s one of their favourite times of the week!  


    Forest School: within our beautiful school site for the younger pupils and set within a local woodland for our older pupils, these sessions give pupils the time, space and opportunity to learn through first- hand experience. They give pupils the chance to develop their curiosity, respect, self-esteem and confidence, giving children the chance to play outdoors in inspiring environments; to access risk and the vibrant reality of the natural world. Forest School provides our pupils with opportunities to learn about the world around them, develop a love of nature, learn to work in teams and develop collaboration skills and create super designs with natural materials. See the separate webpage for further details.


    Christian values
    At Speen Church of England School, children develop a strong sense of moral purpose founded on our core Christian values of respect, responsibility, care, courage, honesty and family. These are threaded through our curriculum so that they become embedded in the children’s thinking. Pupils are taught to respect and care for those around them, ensuring that they have a good understanding of other people’s different qualities, families and cultures. The teaching of British Values prepares our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in modern Britain. In pursuing our school values of care, respect and responsibility, Speen School have a link with Agape School in India, which gives our pupils the opportunity to learn about how the expression of Christianity impacts the lives of others across the world 


    We monitor pupils’ attainment and progress using a variety of test scores, pupils’ work, staff observations and pupils’ own perceptions of their learning. Pupils are assessed when starting at the school and their next school is informed of their attainment and progress when they leave the school.