Every Child Matters - old

Pupil performance and well-being go hand in hand.

At Speen Church of England School, we provide an environment where children can;

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well-being
Mothering Sunday Assembly. We learn to speak in public. We perform plays, read our prayers in Church and speak in assemblies. The School Council organised a Toy sale to raise money for the Agape School in India. School Council count the money they have raised.
Walking to school with your friends keep us fit and we are safe from cars too.We have ‘Footsteps’ Road safety training so we can join the Walking Crocodile.
We danced at Speen Fete, the High Wycombe Country Dancing Festival and the School’s 40th birthday party.
Bishop Alan came to see us with Rev Denise.Rev. Denise comes from St. John’s Church, Lacey Green on Fridays to take assembly. Sometimes we go there to sing and pray. The Bishop of Buckingham thought our school was very special.
We are all different, with different talents. This is on World Book day. It is one of our many special days.
Year Two won the Risborough tennis tournament. Well done!Years One and Two have tennis coaching from a professional and Year Two were really pleased to win the local tournament.
We were mini-beasts in ‘Noah’ at the Swan Theatre.
Our Mums and Dads made us great costumes to sing and dance in at Energise 2006. Year Two will perform in 2008.
We practised at school with Annabelle, our streetdance teacher.
Years One an Two went to Risborough Upper School to dance with other schools.
Mr Griffin teaches musicianship to Year Two.We do lots of music at school. We sing everyday and learn to read music and play instruments together.
We grew lettuces, broad beans, peas, potatoes and carrots. We cooked and tasted them. They were delicious.We eat fruit every day at school. We drink water and milk and enjoy playing outside.

Homegrown vegetables. More please!

Every year we have a sports day and compete for the house shield.We use many of the skills we have learned in school. Our teachers and coaches help us learn ball and racket skills through tennis, cricket, tag rugby, badminton and football.

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