Speen School and the Local Community

The school is closely involved with the local community:

  • Pupils are regular contributors to Speen and North Dean News.
  • Years 1 and 2 pupils entertain visitors to Speen Summer Fete with a display of Country dancing.
  • A number of pupils take part in the bi-annual Speen Arts Festival in September.
  • Gifts from the Harvest Festival are distributed to Saunderton Hostel.
  • St John’s CE (VA) Combined School is the catchment school for those pupil leaving Speen School at age 7+.
  • The school maintains close links with Speen Pre-School, including visits by staff and pupils to the Christmas Play and Sports Day. This contact helps to ensure a smooth transition for Year R pupils when they join the school.
  • Gifts to the School

    The school has, in the past, benefited from a grant from Speen Shop Charities Committee for new cooker and kitchen equipment. The school also received a generous donation from the family of Mrs Sheila Johnston, former resident of Speen. The donation was used to fund a music workshop and a music cup, which is awarded annually.

    Many families moving on from Speen School have made dontaions. Books have been donated to the library by leavers and the book stock is enhanced by the ‘profit’ from book fairs. The Cleaver family gave a statue of Peter Rabbit, which graces the environmental area as a reminder of when Emma fell in the pond! Ryan and Tara Woodward saved their pocket money which was supplemented by their parents in order to purchase new goal posts for football. Some parents haev bought gifts of trees for planting on the school grounds.

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