Meet Our Governors OLD

  • The Governing Body at Speen C of E School is formed from many different areas of the community. It is made up of Foundation Governors, an Ex-officio Governor, Parent Governors, a Governor nominated by the Local Education Authority, Staff Governors and the Head teacher.  All governors are elected for a four-year term of office.

    Governors play a very valuable and important role in the support of our school. They meet regularly together and work closely with the Head teacher and the school staff.  The responsibility for the actions and decisions of the governing body lies with the whole governing body not with individual members.  Individual governors are appointed or elected by specified bodies or groups, as listed below, but they are not delegates and are free to vote according to their own wishes.

    Foundation governors are appointed by the church to ensure that the religious character of the school is preserved and developed.  Other parents at the school elect parent governors.  They don’t have to stand down if their child leaves the school before the end of their term of office, though they may choose to do so.  Parents, including carers, of pupils at the school are eligible to stand for election as parent governors whenever such a vacancy arises. Both teaching and support staff paid to work at the school are eligible to stand for election as a staff governor.  The head teacher is a staff governor by virtue of their office; the head teacher may choose not to be a governor but will retain the right to attend all governor meetings.

    Download: Why Become a Governor?

    The clerk to the Board of Governors is Mrs Sarah Penkethman employed by Buckinghamshire Learning Trust.

    Mrs Amanda Cleaver’s term of office ended in July 2016.
    Mrs Helen Lidington’s term of office ended in November 2016.

    None of the governors have any business or pecuniary interests relating to their duties as a governor nor do they act as a governor at any other educational establishment, except for Reverend Canon Anthony Bundock who serves on the board of governors at St Johns C of E School, Lacey Green.

    Agendas and minutes of all governor meetings are available for inspection in the school office.

    The table below sets out the number of Full Governing Body and committee meetings attended by each Governor, during the academic year 2015/16, with the number of such meetings they were eligible to attend in brackets.

    * Denotes that the Governor is not a member of that committee.

    School leadership and Management responsibilities

     Head Teacher

    The Head Teacher is accountable to the Governing body and is responsible for the: –

    • Day to day running of the school.
    • Implementation of School policies.
    • Implementation of the school curriculum.

    Governing Body

    The three core functions of the Governing Body are to:

    • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
    • Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;
    • Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


    The governing body sets out the aims and overall objectives of the school, looking at how it should best develop. This is achieved through the agreement of the annual school development plan, which sets out the school’s priorities for the year, school policies and various targets. These are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis against the stated aims and objectives.

    Critical Friend

    The governing body works with the head teacher so that a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing the school is used in setting the schools aims and objectives. The governing body shall sensitively question and challenge in a positive manner, and it is the governing body’s intent that these challenges will be accepted as a positive input into school management. The governing body sets out to achieve a trusting and mutually respectful relationship between the governing body and the school leadership team.


    The school has many stakeholders – the primary ones being the pupils. The governing body shall adopt a professional attitude and ensure that its’ competence and efforts are used collectively to deliver benefit to the school’s pupils and other stakeholders. The governing body is accountable and answerable to the pupils’ parents/carers, and the wider community. The governing body has numerous statutory responsibilities including being responsible for the conduct of the school. There are various school policies and processes that support the specific responsibilities of the governing body within Speen School. The governing body sets the school’s policies and targets, and regularly monitors and evaluates how the school meets its objectives and targets within the School development plan.


    To enable to governing body to fulfil its responsibilities a number of committees have been established that cover all aspects of school governance.  The committee structure ensures that the Full Governing Body (FGB) is made aware of the main issues from each area of the school and is informed in order to make key decisions and policy revisions as a whole when required. The principal committees are:

    General Purposes Committee

    Comprising all governors we meet to discuss anything that we feel is of current importance and requires the input of all governors.  For example, our primary focus recently has been to discuss academisation, School strategic development plan, staff levels and future recruitment.

    Curriculum Committee

    Katherine Matthews (chair), Julie Cooper, Denise Nayna, Christine Rooney, Charlotte Barlow, Susan Seward..

    The Curriculum Committee meets twice a term and looks at the data available on the progress of pupils and raises challenges as appropriate.  The committee ensures that the needs of all pupils and different inclusion groups are being addressed.  The utilisation of the schools pupil premium allocation is reviewed by the Curriculum Committee to ensure that it supports any pupil or groups of pupils that are considered to have the most need.   The committee also considers completed and planned staff CPD, and the use of ICT and other resources.  A main focus of the committee is the planned actions for further improvement during the next term and beyond.  On an annual basis, the committee also reviews and updates, where necessary, any of the school policies which are of a curriculum nature.

    Admissions Committee

    Christine Rooney (chair), Denise Nayna, Leanne Warner

    The Admissions Committee sets the schools admission policy for each academic year and ensures that it is adhered to.  Members of the admissions committee also address any admission appeals.

    Finance Committee

    Eamonn Barrett (chair), Mrs Nayna, Al Scott, Alistair Blundell.

    One of the statutory responsibilities of Governors is to approve and review, on an ongoing basis, the school’s annual budget.  Every finance committee meeting therefore includes a review and challenge of the actual spends to date compared to the budget to ensure that the school is being financially responsible.  Any non-routine expenditure items are also discussed, which recently has covered new signage, a sensory garden and replacement lT equipment for teachers.   On an annual basis, the committee also reviews and updates, where necessary, any of the school policies which are of a finance nature.


    Julie Cooper (chair), Mrs Nayna, Christine Rooney, Katherine Matthews, Rev. Anthony Bundock, Leanne Warner

    This committee is primarily responsible for the staff and pupil welfare and handles recruitment, monitors performance reviews, attendance and updates various policies when necessary such as Safeguarding, Equality and PSHE.

    Premises, Health and Safety

    Simon Floyd (chair), Alistair Blundell, Mrs Nayna, Susan Seward, Charlotte Barlow

    The Governing body set up the Premises and Health & Safety committee to proactively manage the ongoing provision of a safe, healthy and supportive environment for the education of the children and the welfare of staff and visitors.  As well as assisting the head teacher with risk assessments the Governors are also trained in safeguarding issues so able to provide additional support and perspective ensuring the security of both children and data. The knowledge and skills that the Governors bring from involvement with in commercial life, ensures that the school benefits from appreciation of the latest technologies and the ability to critically assess proposals by the Local Authority’s approved suppliers. The school is constrained by the budget provided and the Premises and Health & Safety Committee supports the head teacher with prioritisation of the tasks.

    Communications and Marketing

    Katherine Matthews (chair), Mrs Nayna, Simon Floyd, Charlotte Barlow.

    Principally works to promote Speen Church of England School positively within the local community and to ensure that the head teacher is fully supported in the task of achieving a full pupil roll. We draft promotional material, which reflects the ethos of the school for approval by the full Governing Body. We explore opportunities to promote Speen School and consider opportunities to raise the profile in the local media and promote links with the village community. Responsible for setting up and maintaining a web-site for the school and most recently to improve the broadband capabilities within the school and sourcing of IT equipment for classroom use. Past year set up a sub-working group to develop the idea of wrap around care after full consultation with parents.

    Curriculum and classroom links

    Governors each have curriculum links and the purpose of link visits is to foster good relationships with the staff and pupils and to fulfill the governing body obligation to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school and its’ curriculum.  During these visits, which include lunches with the children, we do not, however, make judgments about the quality of teaching or the progress of individual children. Governors have a target to individually visit school a minimum of once per year to meet their curriculum and classroom links and have to prepare written reports on each visit and then provide feedback to the rest of the governing body.

    Governor Training

    All governors are required to undertake regular training to enable them to exercise their duties effectively. This is a vital part of being a school governor and by doing this we keep up to date with the continual developments that are happening across all areas of education provision. Additionally, each year a whole governor training session is organised on different topics related to governance.


  • Eamonn Barrett – Chair of Governors

    I have been a member of the Governing board since 2005, first as a parent governor and now as the governor appointed by the Local Authority. I am in my fourth year as the Chair of Governors, and I also chair the Finance Committee and serve as the child protection governor. My original profession was as a wildlife biologist, but I have for almost 30 years worked in international environmental and sustainability consultancy, until 2016 as a senior partner in a large international consultancy responsible for securing and delivering projects in many developing countries around the world, latterly with a strong focus on Africa. I now combine working part of my time as an independent consultant with a range of other voluntary interests, which apart from my role at Speen School include helping an innovative climate change education charity. I have a daughter, Imogen, who has lived all her life in Speen and started her education at Speen School before continuing locally and most recently in Oxford, where she is in the sixth form. My wife, Vicky, went through the traditional Speen School mum’s routine of being a midday supervisor, as well as other roles such as being the school’s first travel plan coordinator. We have lived in Speen for almost twenty years, and I am a governor because I want to contribute to making Speen School a sustainable and important part of the community. My other interests include environmental matters, music, walking, cycling and sport general.

  • Julie Cooper Vice Chair, PHSE Governor

    I have been a Governor of Speen School since 2005 and am currently Vice Chair, Chair of the Pastoral Committee and Chair of Performance Management. I have worked as a freelance market researcher in the healthcare industry since 1999 with particular focus on cancer and chronic illnesses, which are my particular areas of interest and expertise.  Prior to that I worked for a local computer company, running their HR department and managing their international corporate office. I have two daughters, both of whom went to Speen School.  One daughter has recently graduated and works in the ICU Neonatal Unit at the John Radcliffe and the other is in her final year of university reading Environmental Science.  I believe Speen School was the best start they could have had and has contributed to their well-rounded characters and their interest in the World.  Because my own children have been fortunate enough to receive this very good start in this community, I am committed to Speen School continuing to thrive and provide the same opportunity to other children.

  • Reverend Tony Bundock – Ex-Officio and SEND Governor

    My wife Pat and I moved to the Parish of Lacey Green, Loosley Row and Speen in October 2014 when I became “House for Duty” Vicar of St. John’s Church. Pat is a fairly recently retired Early Years teacher. We have a son and a daughter, who are both married; and four grandchildren. In secular employment, I worked in Fire Insurance, and then for 13 years as a Civil Servant.  I was ordained in 1983 to serve my curacy in Stansted Mountfitchet in North Essex. I then served as Team Vicar of Holy Cross Church, Borehamwood, in Hertfordshire for 9 years; and as Team Rector of the Seacroft Team Ministry in East Leeds for 11 years. I was appointed Area Dean of Whitkirk Deanery in July 2000; and I became Rector of  Leeds in May 2005. I was an Honorary Tutor for the Yorkshire Ministry Course since its inception in 2008 until becoming Vicar of St. John’s.  I have been involved in work with children and young people in a range of contexts over the years in such varied ways as being Manager of a Cubs’ Football Team; being a “Fourth Hand” with the Cirdan Trust Christian Sail Training Project, and at various times Chair of Governors of three Primary Schools and a Church of England (Aided) High School.  In my spare time, my interests include Jazz, Blues and Folk Music, football, vintage transport, and read

  • Denise Nayna – Head Teacher

    I began my teaching career in Buckinghamshire, moved to the London Borough of Harrow and then returned to the Chilterns many years ago. Although my initial training was in the arts, I undertook further study in Mathematics, educational management and Special Educational Needs. It is a privilege to be part of a supportive community of families, governors and staff. As head teacher I serve on all the main committees. I have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren and enjoy watching rugby in my spare time.

  • Christine Rooney – Literacy, RE governor


       As a member of St John’s Church, I am a Foundation Governor for Speen CE School and appointed by the Oxford Diocese. I serve on the Performance management, Pastoral and Curriculum Committees. My particular interests are in RE, Collective Worship and English. We have lived in Speen for some years, since my husband retired from the RAF. We have two grown-up sons and three grandchildren. I gave up teaching when our older son was born and returned on a supply basis when the younger went to secondary school. I then taught full-time at Monks Risborough CE Primary School for 17 years and remain on the supply list there. I also work as a voluntary classroom assistant whenever possible. There are increasingly huge changes in Education. I hope that my small contribution to the terrific work being achieved at Speen CE School may help Mrs Nayna and the wonderful staff to continue to their outstanding provision for all the children.

  • Susan Seward  – Foundation Governor

    I have been a Diocesan Foundation Governor for Speen School since October 2015.  I serve on the Curriculum Committee and Health & safety Committee. Originally from the Midlands and now retired, my working life encompassed teaching my academic subjects of RE, Art and History in secondary schools in Cheshire and North Staffordshire, personnel work for British Rail, some secretarial work for a teachers’ union and for many years, as a SIAMS Inspector for the Church of England.  As a volunteer, I worked with Derbyshire Constabulary from the late 1980’s helping them establish and maintain Neighbourhood Watches and at a national level, participated in the writing of the national guidebook.  Membership of the Derby City Crime Reduction Panel and the chairing of various police liaison groups enhanced this interest in community policing.  As local government changed in the area I became a member of a Neighbourhood Board, which had responsibilities similar to that of a parish council.  Married with two adult sons and young grandchildren, my time is now spent working for Wycombe Talking Newspaper, a voluntary organization for the visually impaired, reading, gardening, cruising, babysitting and supporting St Mary’s Church in Princes Risborough.

  • Katherine Matthews – Parent Governor, EYFS governor


    I have served on the board of Governors as a Parent Governor since June 2013 and am chair of the marketing and communications committee. I serve on the pastoral, performance management and curriculum committees. I have 3 children, Jonathon, Hadley and Daniel who all attended Speen School. I have lived in Speen for over 13 years and enjoy contributing to the community as a parent and a governor with our thriving village school which gave my children such a fortunate start to their education. I spent many years working in various roles within the Travel Industry, latterly in product management and marketing with a luxury cruise specialist. I also worked in between having children for my husband’s software company Clubwise, based locally in Princes Risborough and remain a director. I am able to utilise the experiences gained in my professional life in the various roles within the governing board. In my spare time I enjoy theatre, running, yoga, reading, cooking, cheering on my sons from various touchlines and walking our dog.

  • Alistair Scott – Numeracy and Pupil Premium governor

    I have been a member of the Governing body at Speen School since 2013.  I serve on the Finance committee and the Curriculum committee.  I am also the Numeracy Governor and Pupil Premium Governor.  My eldest son Henry started at Speen School in 2012 and his younger brother Edward joined him in 2014.  Through my role as a Numeracy Governor, I visit the school at least once per term during the school day, to better understand how the School is progressing in the delivery of one of the pupils’ core subjects.  Away from the School I am a serving officer in the Royal Air Force where I have been fortunate enough to fly the venerable VC10; in other assignments I have undertaken roles in Human Resources, Air Safety and teaching the next generation of pilots Basic Flying Training on the Tucano.

  • Simon Floyd – Co-Opted governor, Development governor


    I joined the Governing body in February 2015 as a co-opted governor, which means I was appointed by the governing board.  I am a member of the Communications Committee and also Chair the Premises/Health & Safety committee. I have two children, Owain & Saranna.  Born in Birmingham, I moved to High Wycombe in 1997, where I studied a degree course at the local university, and worked at Tesco where I met my future wife who grew up in the nearby village of Naphill. We continued a long serving family tradition by marrying at St Michael and All Angels Church, Hughenden in 2004. By profession my background is within procurement, supply and support of IT & Telecom products and services, where I have developed a strong technical understanding of the industry over the last 16 years. I am a Director at an outsourced purchasing company in Welwyn Garden City. My role includes responsibility of the IT & Telecom Departments and Account Direction for a number of our key customers.  I have begun to apply some of my industry knowledge and experience to identify solutions that will provide benefit to the school’s operational performance. In my spare time you will find me at Gosling Tennis Academy, attempting to play the sport at an intermediary level, playing darts with friends or watching movies with my family at the local cinema.

  • Alistair Blundell – Associate governor

    I joined the governing body as a Foundation Governor, appointed by the PCC and serve on the Finance and Premises/Health and Safety committees. My wife, Julie, and I have lived in Speen village for nearly twenty years and our three children; Oliver, Daniel and Laura were all fortunate to have started their education at Speen School, which gave them a great start in life. I am keen to give something back to a school that has given so much to my family. I work for a large multinational insurance group in London and I am Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Prior to moving to Speen, we had lived and worked in New York, Taipei and Hong Kong so perhaps insurance can be interesting after all. I am a member of Speen Baptist Church and my Christian faith is very important to me. I certainly hope that it will guide me as I do my best to perform my duties as a Governor. In my spare time I can be found waist deep in rivers in the vain hope of catching a trout or a salmon.

  • Leanne Warner – Equality and Diversity governor


    I have been an associate member of the Governing body at Speen School since July 2016.  I serve on the Pastoral, Admissions and Performance Management committees and am the Equality & Diversity Governor.  I also serve on the school Parents Teachers Association as the Secretary.  With 2 children at Speen School, Daniel in Year 2 and Joseph in Year 1, I wanted to use my past experience to support the school.  I am currently a serving officer in the Royal Air Force specialising in HR.  Over my 17 year career, appointments have included recruitment, finance, complaints handling, equality & diversity, welfare, pay & personnel and direct support to Operations.  My spare time is mostly spent supporting my boys with their extra curricular activities, relaxing with my husband, or reading.

  • Charlotte Barlow – Associate Governor

    I have been an associate member of the Governing body at Speen School since July 2016. I serve on the Health & Safety, Curriculum and marketing/communications committees. I have had one son attend the school and my daughter is currently a pupil. I wanted to utilise my past teaching experience to support the governance of Speen School. My spare time is mostly spent supporting my children with their after school activities.